Friday, December 13, 2013

Theory of Financial Relativity Book Receives Positive Review

In the high speed internet world it is easy to get your message drowned by all the traffic.  But on  December 11, 2013  G Willis, a financial adviser to Federal Employees and Veterans in San Diego through his web portal know as GubMints, published a thorough review of Daniel Moore's book titled Theory of Financial Relativity.

He begins the book review with the following perspective:

"Daniel is who I like to call The Most Interesting Man in the Financial World. Not because he earned his MBA from from Duke's Fuqua School of Business, but because of his life experience. You see, Daniel has had ringside seats for the biggest financial freak shows of the past 3 decades- Creation of the Mega-Banks who were 'Too Big to Fail', The Internet Hardware Bubble, the Silicon Valley VC Frenzy of the late 90's, and the California Housing Bubble of the 2000's.This life experience led to Daniel's financial opus - The Theory of Financial Relativity." 

You can read the full review posted here: Book Review: Theory of Financial Relativity

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