Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Thwarting the Trump Agenda Major Coup for ISIS?

Pro ISIS forces in the US media and Democratic Party are rejoicing as the global financial market is on the verge of being torn down once again.  The more the slanderous, childish and insidious attacks on Trump, over a Russian policy approach that is far from the most important Government Issue today for the vast majority of Americans, thwarts his agenda to create a stronger American economy, the stronger ISIS will become throughout the world.  The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and the Democratic Party and their co-horts on certain news outlets, in my opinion, are now dancing with the devil.  

Most mainstream American citizens realize the power game being played is not in their best interest, but I see very few that are able to clearly identify how the under pinning of this political game are being manipulated by global forces because the captive news outlets of the Democratic party will not dig into the story from an unbiased perspective.  Russia is most certainly not the real enemy of the American people in what is transpiring in the world today.

The truly dangerous forces are lead by billionaires like George Soro's, who is funding many of the ridiculous uprisings in the US against Trump.  But there are also other Clinton Foundation funding partners in the mix as well working hard to undermine the American democracy.  It is time the "Intelligence Agencies" in the U.S. back out of the political arena, and start investigating the anarchists that are trying to undermine the entire American democracy and financial market, or they too will become ever more useful forces in the ISISs agenda against the US and its traditional allies, just as the Democratic Party has already allowed itself to become.

Daniel Moore is the author of the book Theory of Financial Relativity.  All opinions and analyses shared in this article are expressly his own, and intended for information purposes only and not advice to buy or sell.

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